Lost in Translation 

We need to talk about Chinese Fashion. Not even so much the fashion in a cultural sense, because I suspect it’s a rather watered down version of what you can find in Japan, but more so the phrases you see on people’s clothing throughout China. The inaccurate translations from Mandarin to English never ceased to put us into fits of laughter. As a group, we collectively took and shared photos of the hilarious text we found printed on people’s clothing (Yes, I do realize the hypocrisy of this after I just complained of my picture being taken throughout China). Here we go!

I suspect this is trying to say something along the lines of, “Parental Advisory Explicit Content.” It’s confusing to say the least.

“Because…I’m hero…Don’t worry”

“Cream Give Up”

“Last Picture Show.” Well thank goodness I managed to snap this gem!

Yeezus as in Kanye West? I have trouble believing that Kanye would be okay with a confederate flag being used to accessorize his tour merchandise.

“It’s impossible to walk in the woods and be in a bad mood at the same time.” Honestly, I’m just amazed the apostrophe is in the correct spot.

“Total F***ing Darkness.” Now the first jacket makes sense, they obviously just got separated along the way.

“Xtep Fashion Soccer Sports like no other.” Alright.

“‘This image is not available’ ‘in your country the most important thing is to die young is late is possible’ House music all night long good airunar.” I need to do some Googling.

“Take me to a place where nobody can find me.” Steph found a keeper!

“Hotel Hypocrite”. This is an actual bathrobe, so maybe there really is a Hotel Hypocrite in Shanghai…?

“Just do it yourself.” Bordering on inspirational, but not quite.

“Be you. I’m going to do what I want to do I want to be myself in my heart. Be you. Never say die.” Yaaas queen!

“Dead to all but youth.” An interesting choice of wardrobe for customs and airport security.

“God, I’m Lonely.” Me too girl, me too.

“Blue is my name.” OMG, is that Beyoncé’s kid?!”

“USAF. Miracles takes a few days the impossible we can do now.” Can we though?

“Be where of the fun begins.” I can’t quite figure out what this is trying to say, there are just too many options.

I saved my favourite for last. I consider this the best one for a few reasons. (1) The spelling and grammar is way off! (2) The subject made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. (3) Today, upon the suggestion of a friend, I Googled the text from his jacket and it actually came up with something!!

Should I even attempt to type that out? I think autocorrect would ruin it/make it right, and where’s the fun in that?

And what, pray tell, did I find when I looked this up online? More than I could have ever wished for! Click here (don’t worry, no parental advisory).


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